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Mission Statement

Golf4Fun's primary mission is to make the game of golf more accessible to the disabled community. Golf4Fun accomplishes this by providing adaptive equipment, which enables disabled golfers to access golf courses and to play the game. Golf4Fun then provides instruction in the game of golf with or without the use of any aids. Golf4Fun promotes the use of the single-rider golf cart, which enables a disabled individual to golf on their own from a sitting position or with very little assistance. Golf4Fun is a non-profit organization.

Program Description
Golf4Fun's typical class is with a PGA professional for 1 hour. The professional gives a 10 minute lesson followed by individual instruction to each of the students. Volunteers are present to assist. Special assistance is available on a case by case basis. Our Denver facility is centrally located at Broken Tee Englewood GC and shuttle is available from the parking lot to the driving range where the class takes place. Golf4Fun also provides satellite classes in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

The highlight of the year is the Year-End Play Date where students play a par 3 scramble event located Foothills GC. Some of Golf4Fun's students may only golf 1 hole, but many do complete the entire course. The Play Date is followed by an award's luncheon.

Upcoming Events

Note the date change for the Annual Tournament -- Now September 3rd.

The 2008 Golf4Fun Annual Tournament will be held on Wednesday, Sep 3. Our 1st session is dependent on the reconstruction of Broken Tee Englewood GC and information will be posted when it becomes available. Check out our Classes and Tournaments links for more information.

Interesting Tidbits
The Winter 2007 Newsletter is now available in PDF form online. Click here to get the newsletter.

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There are plenty of volunteer opportunities! Please contact Steve Parkhouse for more information about giving your time!

Steve Parkhouse
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