Grocery Stores Near Me

If you live in New York City, you can find some great options when it comes to grocery stores. Whether you’re looking for quality produce, a large selection, or a warm atmosphere, you’ll find it near you. Here’s a list of some of the best options near you.

Associated Supermarket

Associated Supermarket has been around for decades. It receives daily shipments and regularly has sales and circulars. Most of the items they sell are cheaper than brand-name products. However, their customer service is lacking. The cashiers do not greet customers and do not seem happy. It is better to go to a Trader Joe’s instead.

Met Fresh, which is owned by the Hamdan family, is a Brooklyn-based supermarket. Its goal is to offer high-quality food at competitive prices. The store is also known for its legendary beer cave. It also offers a wide range of specialty and natural products, as well as a full juice bar and in-store butcher. In addition to these amenities, Met Fresh also has a cafe bar and a large produce section.

The Associated Supermarket group provides grocery services to independent grocery stores. Its services include marketing, store financing, and grocery delivery. By providing services for independent stores, it lets them benefit from economies of scale. It also has several supermarket banners including Associated Fresh and Compare Foods. It has stores across Long Island, the New York metropolitan area, and Upstate New York. They have a number of ethnic food options and a newsletter to inform consumers about local news and events.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is one of the most expensive grocery stores in the world. However, you can save a considerable amount of money by shopping there instead of a more traditional supermarket. Whole Foods is also known to sell products at discounts. In fact, they often sell their produce at a deep discount.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, which is another advantage of shopping there. They have online ordering options, and they deliver groceries to certain areas. The company also offers discounts to Prime members. Prime members can use the Whole Foods app to get up to 10% off sale prices. Plus, they can scan their Amazon Prime barcode at the register to get deeper discounts on their purchases.

Besides the grocery store, Whole Foods also has other retail locations. Their Sherman Oaks and District of Columbia stores have Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. The technology tracks what shoppers buy and keeps a running tally of the total. That way, shoppers can finish their purchases as they exit the store.


If you live in New York City or the Hamptons, you may be familiar with Citarella, a grocery store that specializes in Italian and gourmet food. This store has several locations in the city and Hamptons and offers an impressive selection of seafood and meat. It also specializes in specialty foods.