These are some of the services you can expect when you golf with us. Get ready for a good time and fun shots at some exciting courses.

Let's put the fun back in golfing
Putting Training

We teach you the basics of putting

Club Types

Get to know the different clubs

Grass Quality

We teach how grass affects your shots

Wind Reading

Learn to read the wind before you shoot

Competetive Golfing

We offer intensive classes for aspiring golfers

Music and Fun

Golf in a relaxing, fun, and beautiful environment

Endless Fun and Amusement

Hear from some of our satisfied golfers!

I knew nothing about golf other than I wanted to try it. Gofl4Fun welcomed me with open arms, and I found myself going there every week!
Nadine Berger
New Golfer
Golf was a sport I was terrible at. That is, until the friendly coaches taught me. Now I can play with confidence.
David Boyega
New Golfer
If you are looking for some awesome time with friends, I highly recommend this place. Music, golf, and fun? What more could you ask for?
Sam Portman
New Golfer
I come here to teach my kids the fun of golf. I never thought I could play side by side with them in an open golf course, as most courses would not let kids play.
Calniah Santiago
Retired Golfer